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Seal tube inflates under vehicle to keep weather out of annex
Seal tube inflated under a car
Seal tube used in conjunction with an annex add-a-room

Sealtube - Wind Protection for Under Your RV

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The GT Seal Tube is a smart wind protection for the vehicle bottom. No matter if used for van, motorhome or travel trailer, the Seal Tube helps to protect the awning easily and effectively from wind and dirt. It is also popular with dog owners as it conveniently doubles as an escape barrier for small dogs.

The air tube is placed under the vehicle and then inflated. The GT Seal Tube adapts to the vehicle floor from below and fits for vehicles with a underbody height of up to 16.5 inches.

To seal the bottom of trailer models with a higher ride height (such as American trailers), two tubes can be stacked; alternatively, three tubes can be arranged in a pyramid formation and fastened with a tension belt. This way, ride heights up to 31 inches can be sealed.

The outer material of the GT Seal Tubes is made of robust Double Ripstop. The inner tube is made of elastic and UV-resistant TPU material. The inner tube can be glued or replaced in case of defect.

We offer our GentleTent wind protection in four different lengths: 235cm (7'8"), 400cm (13'1"), 500cm (16'4") and 600cm (19'8").

Seal Tubes do not include pumps.  You can use the same pumps that are included with GentleTent structures, purchase a 12v compressor from GentleTent USA, or use a readily available pump from a sporting goods store (do NOT use a high pressure bicycle pump!)

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