Roof Top Tents IN STOCK Now! (Limited Quantities)

GentleTent USA Roof Top Coming at You Jeep Photo by Dan Ballard Photography
GT Roof Top Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam...
GentleTent USA Roof Top Tent small pack size Top Photo by Dan Ballard Photography
GT Roof Top Small Pack size back Photo by Dan Ballard Photography
Car camping small car GentleTent GT Roof Top
GT Roof-top open inflated and deployed on a car
GT Roof-Top on a van
GentleTent GT Roof Top Spacious Interior 2
GentleTent GT Roof Top Spacious Interior
GentleTent Roof Top Tent Pro Overland Jeep Photo by Dan Ballard Photography
GT Roof
GT Roof
GT Roof

GT Roof

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The high-performance roof-top for high-performance Overlanders!  

As seen on the Leave Everything and Wander YouTube Channel! The GT Roof is the very first fully inflatable roof tent in the world and is the choice of high-performance overlanders both off-road and on. Despite having the sleeping area of a full-size bed (86" x  55") and over 4 feet high when open, it weighs only 56 pounds and packs down to 39 inches square and just 6 inches high in just a couple of minutes. 

Off-road, the GT Roof's super light weight and low profile lower your vehicle's center of gravity for more confidence on technical trails.  You can use the weight savings to pack more water or other essentials, or to keep your vehicle under its GVWR.

On-road, the GT Roof's lower profile and light weight saves fuel on long trips.   As an absolute lightweight, it is the ideal option for small and mid-size cars. (Most vehicles have a maximum roof weight limit of 120 to 135 pounds while driving.   That is less than the weight of most other roof-top tents, if you include the necessary roof rack.)

The GT Roof's square frame allows it to be mounted either over the rear or to the side. (Note, new color is Blue as shown on photos of some other products).  Mattress/sleeping mat not included.

Free shipping to the contiguous United States! Online sales prohibited in CA, LA, MA, MI, MN, NJ & NY.  See blog post "Non Toxic" for further explanation.  Call or email for physical sales locations near you.