Roof Top Tents IN STOCK Now! (Limited Quantities)

Roof-top annex protects from the rain and gives privacy for a camping toilet
Annex sides lift to create awnings
Annex for GT Roof

Annex for GT Roof

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This Annex encloses the ladder and entrance of the high-performance GT Roof rooftop tent for additional privacy and weather protection.  With the annex installed, you have a perfect (and private) place for a portable toilet at night.  

Unlike other rooftop tents, the inflated structure of the GT Roof can support it's own weight (the ladder is only required when people are actually in the tent).  That means during the day (when nobody is sleeping "upstairs") the ladder can be stowed and an additional area large enough for a small kitchen can be protected from the weather.

Telescopic poles not included. (Note, current color is blue as shown in photos of other products)

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