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Will it Rain if I Camp in a GentleTent?

Will it rain if I go camping with a GentleTent?  Of course it will!  In GentleTent USA's home state of Pennsylvania, there is a near 100% chance of rain anytime you go camping!  We believe that the best way to end a drought is to send everybody camping!

Now, it seems silly to put a question like that in the FAQ's, but hopefully it serves to remind you of an important point -- if the weather is nice, you don't even need a tent.  If it's sunny, you don't need rain protection.  The reason to purchase high-quality camping products of any type is to protect you from the un-planned and potentially un-pleasant circumstances that may arise.  To continue the silliness, if a black bear is charging you, that's probably not the best time to brag about the "bear spray" you bought at the dollar store.  Quality camping and travel gear is meant to protect you in unforeseen circumstances when you're far from home.  

I've heard people say they only plan to go camping in nice weather.  That reminds us of the famous quote attributed to the Beatle's John Lennon (among others), "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."