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How to Connect a GentleTent Add-a-Room to a Vehicle

Have you ever noticed the channel running along the edge of your RV?  There is also a channel on most retractable awnings.  This channel is called "Keder" rail (sometimes also called awning rail).  GentleTent add-a-rooms have a fabric section with a polyester cord that slide into the Keder rail.  This is a centuries old construction method. GentleTent's Keder fabric sections also have a large zipper. This allows you to remove the fabric section, insert into the Keder rail before inflating your add-a-room and then attaching the add-a-room after it's inflated.   

Note: On long sections of RV Keder rail, there is often a section of Keder rail where the rail sides have been pulled apart or ground down.  This is where you you insert the Keder fabric.

Your GentleTent comes with the most common size of Keder.  If your Keder fabric section is too large or small for the rail on your RV, please email with photos to help up determine what size you need.

If your vehicle is not equipped with Keder rail, you have three choices:

  1. If you have a retractable awning, there is usually a Keder rail along the bottom edge.
  2. You can purchase Keder rail and install on your vehicle by either screws or structural cement glue. (Note, this glue is like chemical welding, you will not be able to break this connection once created).
  3. The most common method when Keder rails is not available is to use rope to tie off your GentleTent to your roof rack and other structural locations. You make also stake your GentleTent to your vehicle by running the included guy line both under and over your vehicle.