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GentleTent Warranty

GentleTent takes over two years from the date of delivery the guarantee for the design of the products and seam processing. The tightness of the inner hose is exempt from the two-year warranty. The right to warranty expires in the case of intentional or grossly negligent improper use of the products by the customer. In addition, the statutory warranty periods are referred to.

Warranty and Liability

The legal guarantee provisions apply, whereby GentleTent reserves the right to fulfil the warranty claim by improvement, exchange or price reduction, with the exception of cases where the law provides for withdrawal of contract. In the case of transactions between entrepreneurs, the buyer is obligated to submit a complaint immediately (§ 377 UGB). The warranty rights are applied in accordance with the notification of defects.

No warranty claim exists for improper use on the part of the customer, with intent or grossly negligent damage or destruction of the product by the customer. If the purchase is over six months, the buyer must credibly demonstrate that the defects were already present at the time of delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed, the general rules of product liability apply (§ 1 ff PHG). Recourse claims arising from the title “Product Liability” (ISD PHG) which the customer or third parties GentleTent are excluded, unless the recourse holder can
Prove that an error in the sphere of GentleTent causes gently or at least gross negligence has been indebted.

The goods travel at the risk of the customer. GentleTent is not liable for problems of any kind caused by the transport, as well as for transport damage or loss by third parties. The customer has to check these immediately upon receipt of the goods and, if necessary, report the transport company and GentleTent immediately of the transport damage and not accept the goods.