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Durability of GentleTents

Are GentleTents invincible?  Of course not.  We've seen steel automobiles crushed by fallen trees, brick walls damaged by errant hammers, wood frame garages broken by student drivers and fiberglass-poled tents thrown away because of a single broken fiberglass pole.  But when compared to conventional tents and other temporary structures, GentleTents have huge durability advantages.

WIND: The first GentleTent GT Box in America was deployed at a small church in Pennsylvania as a community sharing room during the Covid19 lockdown of 2019.  Within the first two weeks of being deployed, this tent endured no less than three day-long windstorms with gusts approaching or exceeding 40 mph, as well as torrential rains, bright sun and temperatures ranging from near freezing to low 70's all while keeping perishables safe and dry for the community.


By contrast, here is GentleTent USA President Ken Getchell in front the remains of a traditional steel-framed canopy that catastrophically collapsed (before Ken discovered GentleTent).  Another, identical traditional steel-frame canopy was destroyed a couple months later by a single gust of wind.

 Note that, unlike the GentleTent GT Box, the destroyed steel-frame canopies did not even have side walls!

Three other wind advantages of the GentleTent:  The shape of the GentleTent does not generate lift in the same way as a canopy, it doesn't want to fly up into the air as much.   If winds are so high that they buckle the structure of the GentleTent, it's just a tube of air that you can push back into place after the storm is over.  Finally, in case of sudden, dangerously violent winds, a GentleTent can be completely deflated in seconds.


WILL IT POP LIKE A BALLOON?  No, GentleTent will not "pop" like a balloon any more than your car tire or an astronaut's space suit would pop like a balloon.  First of all, GentleTents are inflated to very low pressures. Also, the the durable internal tube bladder is encased in an even more durable, multi-layer protective outer layer. 



GentleTents can absolutely handle heavy rain! 

As far as snow, GentleTents were designed as "three-season" tents and are not specifically designed for winter use. However, for occasional or unexpected snow, GentleTents are adequate if the snow is shaken/knocked off the roof of the tent periodically.