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Advantages of GentleTent Inflatable Tents

All GentleTent products are high-quality products meant for frequent use.  GentleTents have great wind performance and don't have any poles that can break. 

But for roof-top tents, the single most important advantage of GentleTent's unique inflatable structure and drop-stitch rigid base is an extremely light weight for a structure that's as protective as any other roof-top tent. All vehicles have a GVWR that includes the vehicle, the modifications, the passengers and the supplies.  Compared to similarly-sized roof-top tents, GentleTent's standard-size GT Roof-Top is roughly 50 POUNDS lighter.  To put that in perspective, that's an additional 6 gallons of water you can carry. (That also works out to an additional 8 gallons of gasoline, or an additional 50 pounds of food and "beverage" that you can take with you, depending on your priorities). 

Let's face it, many camping rigs are already overweight.  50 pounds is a significant chunk.  For many smaller vehicles, it may be the difference in being able to mount a roof-top tent at all, once you take into account the weight of the roof racks and the manufacturer's maximum dynamic roof weight specification.  But, more than just the weight, it's WHERE that weight savings comes from, which is 5 to 6 feet off the ground.  I doesn't matter if you are rock crawling or just cruising down a paved road, removing 50 pounds from above the roof of any vehicle is a good thing, it's just physics.