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GentleTent is Finally Available in USA

Welcome!  GentleTent products are now available in America after a four-year wait.  Born as an idea in Vienna, Austria in 2012, the GentleTent spent over three years in Research and Development before debuting to the public for the first time in October, 2015 at the Wels Caravan Salon RV show in Germany.  Because all of it's Austrian employees spoke German, GentleTent was originally test-marketed in the German-speaking markets of Central Europe.  But it didn't take long before there was demand from companies wanting to distribute GentleTent in France.  Then, existing personal connections from previous business endeavors led to GentleTents becoming a more common sight in Greece. In 2019, GentleTent spread to three additional continents, first Australia in the Spring, then Asia with a distributor in South Korea and now GentleTent USA.