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You have to see this video: America's first Overlanders hit the "Lincoln Highway" in 1913

Anybody that has even a passing interest in the history of overlanding, RVing and long distance automotive travel will love an amazing PBS video on YouTube that showed up in my Recommended Feed a few nights ago.  It's called "100 Years on the Lincoln Highway" and was produced and uploaded by Wyoming PBS.  If you are just noodling around on the internet right now, stop what you're doing, grab a beverage and watch it.  This is 57 minutes of pure inspiration. If you have any interest at all in this lifestyle, this is an hour NOT wasted.

As a native Pennsylvanian, I've seen signs for the "Old Lincoln Highway" all my life.  But, shame on me, it wasn't until a couple of evenings ago that I learned that these roads (which are minutes from both where I grew up and from the offices of GentleTent USA) were embryo of modern transportation.  4x4 Overlanders will love the sections of the video that show drivers using the same extraction techniques to get their Model T's out of axle-deep mud as Jeep and Tacoma drivers use today.

As for me, I'm looking at these roads a little different now, and I think I have a new item on my bucket list.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll do the Lincoln Highway as one of GentleTent USA's marketing tours.  Maybe I'll even find some new friends and customers to join me for portions of the trip along the way (or even the whole thing). 


Watch the show for yourself, and see what you think.

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