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Post Pandemic Guilt


Are you taking the time to prepare yourself emotionally for when this present crises eases?  Both World Wars ended.  The Vietnam War ended.  And this too will end.  But, as in past wars, the end of the crises will not be the end of the story for many people. Some will be tasked with putting their financial lives back together, while others will undoubtedly suffer post-pandemic survivor's guilt to varying degrees.

The thought will undoubtedly cross the right-side of many of our minds, "how can I buy myself something nice when all those people are in such dire straights?" But we must overwhelm those thoughts by arming the rational, left-side of our brains with the simple historical evidence that the way out of major economic disasters is more economic activity; in other words, spending.  

Your stimulus check will be arriving soon.  DON'T use it to buy a GentleTent yet. First, if you can afford it, use some or all of that government money to support your local restaurants, cafe's and retail stores when they re-open.  Leave tips that are double what you normally would to help people in your local community start to get back on their feet and keep you local cultural infrastructure alive. Make charitable donations to churches, food banks and other organizations to help the most affected people in your community.

If, after spending your stimulus check locally (and making charitable donations), you still have the means to purchase a yacht, an automobile or a GentleTent, then don't feel guilty about spending.  Even if unemployment reaches 20%, that means 80% of us still have jobs, and your spending means even more of us will have jobs.  We have the choice to either cower in fear as scare-mongers on TV tell us that our lives will be ruined if we haven't hoarded $28 million before we retire, or we can seize the day and help our communities and nation by purchasing a product from Min, so he can a meal from Frank's cafe, so he can pay Susan, so Susan can pay Lakesha to do her hair, so that Lakesha can replace her son's worn-out sneakers...

We'll see you on the other side of the crises.  Until then: Stay strong.  Stay healthy.  Stay prepared.


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  • I found your site from Trent and Allie on YouTube. What an amazing product you have.
    I just built a mobile grooming van and while we were in lock down I did travel to see my sister. To keep social distancing, I
    camped out of my van on her property. Your extra room or tents could be an amazing addition. It is a someday piece for the moment. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your mindful words about COVID and how to help your local community. Be safe and happy.
    Cate Garcia

    Cate Garcia

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